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The NewEra I negative pressure pump is a compact device that is supplied with a carry bag and is designed for patients who would benefit from a negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system. The NewEraI promotes healing of the wound by drainage of wound fluid. The pump includes an intuitive touch screen user interface for ease of operation and complies with all current FDA regulations. The NewEraI is also designed to use IHT’s integrated system approach to management of non-healing wounds.

Product Specs

NewEra I Pump Specifications
Requirement Specification
Dimensions 10″ x 5.7″ x 5″ (H/W/D)
Portable Yes (Carry bag available)
Weight 2.43 lbs.
Pressure Range -10 to -200 mmHg
Battery Life Up to 10 hours
Cycles Intermittent or Continuous
Canister Sizes 900ml
Power Input Power Adapter
5V – 2.0Amp

For additional specs, see our PDF fact sheet.



The NewEraI is contraindicated for the following reasons for wound treatment:

  • Presence of necrotic tissue
  • Malignancy (except terminal patients for quality of life issues)
  • Untreated osteomyelitis
  • Untreated malnutrition
  • Use on exposed arteries, veins or organs
  • Non-enteric and unexplored fistulas

Indications for use

The following wounds can be treated with the NewEraI:

  • Pressure ulcers
  • Chronic wounds
  • Venous ulcers
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Diabetic ulcer
  • Infected wounds
  • Acute & Traumatic wounds
  • Partial thickness burns
  • Dehisced incisions
  • Grafts
  • Flaps

Frequently Asked Questions

When should negative pressure be discontinued?

  • When uniform granulation tissue is present and there is little depth to the wound present.
  • The patient is not tolerating negative pressure well, fails to respond well or is non-compliant with therapy.
  • When wound reduction is less than 15% in size over a two week period, not considering extenuating circumstances.
  • There is excessive bleeding.
  • The patient cannot tolerate the pain associated with treatment.
  • A more suitable alternative or care plan is more viable.
  • There are signs of local or spreading infection in the absence of therapeutics to eliminate excessive bio-burden.

Does the NewEraII portable pump use a different pump than the NewEraI?

The NewEraI is an extremely reliable pump and has been using the same pump for quite some time. The NewEraII, although smaller and lighter than the NewEraI, uses the same pump (motor) that has proven reliability over many years in use.

What Negative Pressure settings should be used for chronic Wounds?

The most common negative pressure system setting is -125mmHg, especially during the highly exudating stage of a wound. Higher pressure are required to pull fluids though foam pores than through antimicrobial mesh, specifically Cutimed Sorbact. In poorly perfused tissue such as diabetic foot ulcers, ischemia may develop and could be intensified with negative pressure. The use of negative pressure greater then -80mmHg, does not produce any greater benefits on the wound edge microvascular blood flow. However, higher pressures may be required with the use of foam than with Cutimed Sorbact.

Can the NewEra Pumps be used with the instill method to irradicate biofilm?

Yes. The IHT negative pressure system is designed to work at the base of the wound bed rather than above the filler level (i.e. foam). PhaseOne (pure hypochlorous solution) may be infused directly to the wound bed and allowed to dwell for 60 seconds to achieve a 60 second log-four kill time.

What prevents maceration with the use of the NewEraI and NewEraII pumps?

Maceration is prevented with the use of two of IHT’s negative pressure system approaches. First, Cutimed Sorbact is loosely filled into the wound. The Cuitmed Sorbact physically binds and inactivates pathogens immediately and renders them inert, unable to reproduce, while leaving the extracellular wall intact. Cutimed Sorbact is a natural product without harmful chemicals. Since there is no cytolysis there are no harmful toxins to damage the fragile skin around the wound. The negative suction, even at relatively low pressures is sufficient to draw fluid from the base of the wound through the evacuation tube without having the fluids in constant contact with the periwound. The periwound is also protected with Skin tac™ to ensure a tight and occlusive seal.

How is undermining and tunneling managed with the IHT negative pressure system?

Cutimed Sorbact is uniquely suited for treating undermining and tunneling. Its woven mesh allows negative pressure to be evenly distributed across the wound bed.

Can more than one wound be treated with the NewEra negative pressure pumps?

Yes. There are two common methods for the treatment of multiple wounds on the same patient. Bridging is a method by which multiple wounds in close proximity and of similar etiology may be sealed together with a large drape, multiple drapes or drapes and gel strips. The tubing is placed central to the contiguous wounds and a single pump delivers pressure evenly across the entire wound field. PhaseOne can be instilled into the base of the wound through y-tube injection ports attached to a flat or a round (channel) drain to disrupt and eradicate biofilm and help to prevent infection and cross contamination. Y-connectors may be reserved for larger, non-infected wounds to be serviced by a single pump or multiple pumps, depending on the nature and similarity of the wounds.