The IHT negative pressure wound care system uses a variety of drainage systems depending on the nature of the wound. The REVA is a proprietary, patent pending and FDA 510(k) device that combines the benefits of a flat drain with the ease of use of a dome, eliminating leakage. This drainage system functions at the bed of the wound and does not have to pull exudate through foam that resides above the wound bed. Flat drains are helpful for shallow wounds. Round channel drains are useful for deep wounds and wounds with tunneling with excessive exudate drainage. This allows the IHT system to be safe and effective by evenly distributing pressure across the entire wound surface, using lower negative pressures than customarily seen with foam-based systems. In addition, PhaseOne (pure hypochlorous solution) may be instilled directly to the wound bed, rather than through foam. Domes, which adhere to the occlusive drape over the wound, may be most ideally suited for shallow wounds.

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REVA Drain FDA 510(k)


  • To be used with flat or round channel drains (as described above)
  • Integrated occlusive skirt prevents leakage
  • Skirt adheres to drape, allowing drain to run through, rather than under, the drape
  • Patent pending design facilitates rapid dressing application


  • Depth: Shallow, Medium, Deep
  • Type: Undermining, tunneling and non-complicated wounds
  • Exudate: Minimal, moderate, heavy

Dome Drain


  • Useful for difficult-to-seal areas in non-weight bearing wounds
  • Adheres to transparent dressing


  • Depth: Shallow, Medium, Deep
  • Exudate: Minimal, Moderate, Heavy

Product Indications for Use