• Improve Patient Outcomes, Lower Cost
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction and Compliance
  • Reduce SKUs, Reduce Cost
  • Evidence Based


  • Wound Bed Preparation
  • Surgical Site Infection Prevention
  • Improve Patient Experience
  • Improve Quality of Life
  • Symptom Management


  • Ease of Use, Reduce Clinician Time
  • Decrease Frequency of Changes
  • Improve Patient Outcomes
  • Three Steps to Better Negative Pressure

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  • Decrease Frequency of Changes
  • Simple, Rapid, Effective Wound Management
  • Flexible Options to Improve Product Delivery
  • Reduce SKUs, Increase Customer Interest

Who We Are

The IHT® Team

Our Culture.
Our Experience.
Our Passion.

Safe. Rapid. Effective.

Wound Bed Preparation

Unique synergy of IHT® products kills and binds bacteria, penetrates and disrupts biofilm while neutralizing inflammatory toxins within the wound bed. Prepare to heal. Prepare to close. Restart the healing process. Doesn’t sacrifice patient experience for outcomes.

Surgical Site Infection

We provide an inside-and-out approach to prevention of deep and superficial surgical site infection. Less time. Less cytotoxicity. Improved safety. Rapidly penetrate and disrupt biofilm.


No foam, no gauze, and no tissue ingrowth for improved patient experience. Decrease frequency of changes. Save time. Decrease costs.


Our products’ unique method of action is tough on bacteria but gentle on the body. Bind and remove bacteria. Penetrate and disrupt biofilm without interfering with new tissue growth. From cut to closure, from clean to infected.


Integrated Healing Technologies® (IHT®) is a technology-enabled wound care services company that specializes in the delivery of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) devices and advanced wound care systems. Our mission is to accelerate the healing of patients who suffer from acute and chronic wounds.

Better outcomes for patients
while decreasing costs


Integrated Healing Technologies
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Three Steps. Better Outcomes.

Disrupt Biofilm

Remove Pathogens

Apply Negative Pressure